Monday, February 24, 2014

Quick Update

My knee is getting better. I no longer have to wear the brace, and only need (a) crutch(es) when going out. It still hurts me often, and I have to work hard at getting the muscles built up and strong again.

We moved. It was nuts. We are mostly settled in our new place, though there are things that still need to get done, like putting pictures on walls, making and hanging curtains, etc. Our girls have already made new friends, which I am glad for. I also know they will make even more new friends when the weather is nicer.

I might actually get back to sewing soon, and I can't decide what to make. I have a great fabric I want to make a bag out of, I have a dress pattern I so desperately want to make, I started cutting fabric for a shirt last summer and never got anywhere with it... what should I do?

Other than that, life just goes. Mark and I are often tired, but somehow we pull through.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More craziness

It has now been over a month since I broke my kneecap. Wow.

First, I forgot in all my writing last post to include the fact that 3 days after she broke her arm, Jane went in for dental surgery to fix cavities on her four top front teeth.

Since my last post, Kara has developed some strange and unexplained sores on her skin. The doctor thinks it might be eczema, but I am not entirely convinced by this conclusion. I will continue to monitor it. It also looks like Jane may have similar sores, which would indicate it is something else.

Last week, while making sandwiches for lunch, one of my crutches fell over and landed on my foot. Of course, I immediately and involuntarily pulled my foot out of the way, which meant that I bent my sore knee. This caused instant and excruciating pain that lasted for a long time. I felt the effects of it for over a day.

And now for the craziest thing.... we are moving. Some time in June, I applied to the subsidized housing list through BC Housing. We get put on a wait list, and when any of the properties we indicated we were interested in had a vacancy, we would get a call. I was told it would be anywhere between 3 months and 3 years until we would be at the top of the list. And then I forgot about it. The last week of November, we got TWO phone calls in three days. Mark went and looked at a unit on the afternoon of Nov 29. We spent the next 24 hours going through all the pros and cons, asking a few friends and family for advice, and trying to figure out what to do. By Sunday morning, we had decided that we should accept this offer of housing. On Monday I called the office at the complex where the unit is, and said yes. Then there was a big hassle with some wording in the rental agreement.  It all got sorted out, but was stressful. We get the keys on Dec. 16.

Now I just have to somehow get better AND pack at the same time?!?!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life has been nuts

So, I know I've never been good at blogging regularly, but life has been extra crazy the last month and a bit. I need to write it all down so that in 5 years I can remember even half of it.

September started with homeschooling Chloe. That part has been going well. October was the start of classes twice a week at the Learning Centre, which she really enjoyed. She has made some new friends, and hasn't even really talked that much about missing her old ones, except for Aayla (who lives across the street). I also spent much of Sept and Oct working on Halloween costumes.

Friday, October 25 was the start of the crazy. Our friends Lukas and Anna and their mom Shannon were over that morning to play. Jane (19 months) climbed up into Chloe's new loft bed, and then fell out. I wasn't in the room at the time, so when she started screaming I ran, and found her on her back on the floor. I tried to calm her down, but it became obvious after 5 minutes that something was seriously wrong. So while Shannon stayed with Chloe and Kara, I walked up to ER with Jane. We got seen pretty quickly, but then had to wait a while for x-rays. Thankfully it was nap time, so she spent most of those two hours of waiting asleep. Once x-rays were complete, we waited another 30 minutes to find out that she had fractured her arm right next to her shoulder joint. It wasn't possible (necessary?) to cast it, so they made a little sling out of foam and sent us home, telling me to give her tylenol for a few days, and to follow up in two weeks.

While we were at ER, Kara asked Shannon to put a pony tail in her hair. At this point, Shannon discovered that Kara and Chloe both had lice, and had had them for at least a week! When Jane and I got home, I used one of the combs that come with the lice treatment Shannon picked up for us and found out I had them too! So I spent Friday evening treating and combing for lice. We had to retreat Chloe and I a week later too.

Also on Friday, we had a furnace technician show up because after it was serviced earlier in the week, the furnace was turning the flames on but it wasn't blowing heat into the house. (Of course, before the furnace was serviced, it was working just fine.) The technician discovered that the blower fan wasn't working, and quoted us 1-3 business days until a new one would be in. 3 business days later, on Wednesday, it still hadn't arrived. We finally got a new fan on Friday, so we were without heat for a week too.

Almost two weeks after Jane broke her arm, (Thurs Nov 7) I took her to our family doctor for a follow up, since the nurse at ER had said that was what I was supposed to do, even though I had thought the ER doctor (Dr. Apostle) had wanted me to see her. My doctor confirmed that I was supposed to have seen Dr. Apostle, but by then her office was closed until Tues. Nov.12, since the Monday was Remembrance Day.

On Friday Nov 8, the girls and I were on our way to Briana's house via the bus. I had left the stroller in the car by accident, so Jane was on my shoulders. As we were walking down a hill, my left foot slipped on a piece of plastic on the sidewalk. My foot came out from under me, and all of my weight, plus the weight of Jane came down on my right knee. I instantly knew something was wrong, since I was in a lot of pain and couldn't move my knee. Three complete strangers stopped to help, and then about 2 minutes after that, Crystal drove past in her van. She took Chloe and Kara with her to a Remembrance Day assembly at Richard McBride, and the kept them for the afternoon. A kind man drove me and Jane to the ER at RCH, where I discovered after x-rays that I had broken my kneecap in half, and the upper half was 2 inches higher up that it was supposed to be. They put me on the list for trauma surgery, and sent me home with the belief that surgery would probably be on Sunday, or maybe Monday. They also put my leg into a knee immobilizer and crutches, so that I could get around at all without causing myself extreme amounts of pain.

For the next 4 days, I couldn't eat/drink anything after 12 midnight in prep for surgery, since I expected each day that I would get to go. Every morning I would wait until 9am to find out if I was going to have surgery, only to be disappointed every time because other traumas at RCH kept filling up the OR list. On the other hand, I was allowed to eat then. On Tuesday morning around 11am I fount out that I was scheduled for surgery the next morning at 9am, but at Eagle Ridge Hospital 15 minutes away, not at RCH. I had to wait FIVE DAYS to get my knee fixed, not two like I was lead to believe. My surgery was to be performed by Dr. Apostle, the same person who saw Jane two and a bit weeks before! I also was able to book Jane in for a follow up appointment with Dr. Apostle for the following Monday.

On the day of surgery, I was told to expect 1 to 1.5 hours for surgery, and 2 to 3 hours of recovery in hospital before I could leave. Mark figured he would show up at the hospital around 1pm to get me. That so didn't happen. I didn't wake up from anesthesia until almost noon (3 hours after surgery started), and when I did I was in insane amounts of pain because the muscles in my thigh were locked up from being in new places after 5 days. It took until 3pm for me to be able to move from the "recovery" section to the "surgery day care" area, where I had to wait one more hour until I could leave. Mark arrived at the hospital at 4pm to pick me up, and we left the hospital at 4:30pm. It was rough. I have 3 screws in my kneecap, as they discovered during surgery that my kneecap was in 3 pieces, not two like was originally thought when I was at ER.

I have spent the last week and a half lying on the couch/in bed, and much of that time was taken up with listening to Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades on audiobook, since that was a really good way to not think about my knee. Mark took two weeks off work to take care of me and the girls. He went back to work this past Monday, which was also my first follow-up appointment with Dr. Apostle. I got my staples out, which immediately made me feel better. I also got a locking knee brace, which is much more comfortable and less awkward than the immobilizer. I go back to see Dr. Apostle in 4 weeks, right before Christmas, at which point I will also have an x-ray.

So now I just have to work on recovering, and to slowly start bending my knee more. I can put a small amount of weight on it with the crutches as assistance. I am trying to keep up the homeschooling, but it has been more difficult, since I can't move around much, and can't carry anything when I am. I'm also learning to knit, since it is something creative I can do while sitting down. I can't sew, since I can't keep my leg down for long, I sure can't stand up to cut fabric, and I can't use the machine pedal with my right foot. I also can't drive.

I am truly grateful for the friends who have helped out - Juana, Laurraine and Shannon especially, as well as my mom and Mark's parents. Barry even fixed our sliding door! I'm also thankful for the people from church who have brought us meals, which has made life so much easier. Even though things have been nuts, I know we can make it through because of the amazing support we have.

And now I shall get back to resting.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fabric winners

Before I get to the winners, I just want to mention something sad that happened yesterday. As I mentioned, my girls and I went to Mom & Kids Camp at Camp Fircom earlier this summer. Over night on Thursday there was a huge lightning storm, and Camp Fircom was struck by lightning at least 3 times. A very unfortunate result of this is that the dining hall (with all the food, kitchen, dishes, etc) burned down. My heart and my prayers go out to the staff and volunteers at the camp.

And now...

As part of last weeks Fugly Party, I offered up two giveaways. It's time to announce the winners!

I had (only) 3 people ask for the TMNT fabric, and the winner is Nony, who wrote:
Omg! I would LOVE to give the TMNT fabric a new and loving home, so please throw my name in the hat for that one! :^)

20 of you asked for the Tula Pink bundle, and the winner is wobblybobbin with her comment:
I would happily use up that Tula Pink fabric! Congrats on already swapping so much of your fugly fabric! 

Congratulations, you two! I have sent you an email and you have until the evening of Tuesday Sept 3 to reply, or I'll choose new winners.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mom & Kids Camp

Earlier this month, my girls and I went to Mom & Kids Camp at Camp Fircom. Fircom is a United Church camp on Gambier Island, and it is a beautiful space. We had a great time. Here are some photos:

Fugly Fabric Party

Winners announced here.

I am listing a number of fabrics/bundles as part of the Fugly Fabric Party at Charm About You. I'm giving away two of these listings, because they are awesome. I will use a random number generator to pick winners on August 31. The rest I am listing for swap or will send to you if you pay the postage, and are first come first served. Yay fabric goodness!

Also, I'm in Canada. Just thought I should mention it.


1) A vintage (late 80's/early 90's) cut of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fabric, 22"x15" minus a 4.5"x4" square in one corner. I love this fabric and held onto it through three purges, but I have decided that it needs a new, more loving home. If you would like to win this fabric, please comment below saying so.

2) A bundle of 4 Parisville by Tula Pink fabrics that I won last year some time. I have used parts of two of them, and have decided that these will probably never get used, so they need a new home. The ships (2nd from left) and fans (rightmost) are both full FQs. The French Lace (leftmost) is 18"x11" plus 10"x4.5", and the eye drops are are 18"x8" plus 13"x8" (both in an L shape). If you would like to win this fabric, please comment below saying so.

For Swap/You Pay Postage
If you would like any of the fabrics below, please post which ones you would like, and if you want to swap (link to what you want to swap for) or if you would like me to send them to you in exchange for postage costs. Thanks!

1) Grapes. I won this at a quilt guild meeting early this year, and will probably never use them. It measures 22"x15".

Spoken for: 2) Kona Bay fabric from 2007, measuring 17"x44". I used a portion off the edge of this fabric (18"x6") for a project in February, and see no use for the rest of it.

3) Dana Simpson from Marcus Brothers Textiles from 2002, both measuring 15"x44". The green is missing a 3"x3" square from one corner, and the yellow is missing 8"x6" from one corner.

Spoken for: 4) This weird lilac fabric leaves me at a loss, so please give it a new home! It measures 21"x27".

Spoken for: 5) A full meter (39") by 42" of "Cyber Cotton" by Robert Kaufman.

6) Two cuts of very small squares in orange, measuring 20"x49" (the selvedge runs the length of the 49") and 19.5"x14.5".

7) A very long, very narrow piece of checkerboard with graphics, measuring 62" long by 3.5" wide.

Also, sorry for not posting in a month and a half! Life has been busy, with summer, and Mom & Kids Camp, and trips, and two birthdays, and...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Not much going on...

At least, not in the way of sewing. I've done a few clothing fixes, and I'm very slowly working on a new paper piecing pattern, but otherwise I haven't touched my sewing machine in over a week. What have I been doing instead?

- My girls are on summer vacation. They're staying up at least half an hour later every night, and since I still need to go to bed at the same time, that's 30+ minutes less of me time.

- I've been reading. My husband got William Shakespeare's Star Wars. Its such a fun read. I would pay money to see this play. I'm also re-reading the volumes of Fruits Basket that I own, so I can continue the story with volumes I got from the library.

- I've been reading to my girls. They signed up for the Summer Reading Club at the library, which is 15 minutes a day of reading. We read The Legend of the Golden Snail a few days ago, and I enjoyed the story as much as they did. Then at the end, you can go to the author's website and play a game with the book, which took up another half hour of our day. Yes, we've been reading other books too.

- I made marshmallows. I used Alton Brown's recipe, but used golden syrup instead of corn syrup because I made them as a birthday gift for my daughter's friend who is allergic to corn. I also used corn-free icing sugar and tapioca starch. They turned out awesome, if quite a bit gooier than store-bought marshmallows. But since this friend hasn't had marshmallows in over a year, he thought they were amazing! The only thing I would do differently next time is to add more vanilla extract to cover up the odd aftertaste of the golden syrup.

- We've gone on day trips. We went to the Richmond Night Market last night (the food is SO tasty). We went to Anime Evolution last weekend. I've taken the girls to the pool, the library, the park, friend's houses, a farm, shopping.

I'm sure I've done other things, but I'm also trying to take it slow and enjoy summer. And that means sewing has taken a back seat, and I'm okay with that. Next week we're headed to Trail (an 8 hour drive, plus stops) for my best friend's birthday, and then after that I'll be starting work on Halloween costumes. Chloe and Kara love Teen Titans right now, so Chloe is going to be Raven, and Kara is going to be Terra. After those are done, if I have time, I will make a white mage costume for Jane, and then (hopefully) a Final Fantasy Tactics ninja costume for me.

And that's my life right now. So really, there's a lot going on.