Thursday, June 6, 2013

On sewing, and sun

I've been hard at work on my partner's tote bag, and having lots of fun doing it too. I get in bits of sewing here and there, but somehow its all working out fine. Here's a WIP shot:

Also, its been sunny the last few days, and my girls have gotten too much sun. I had to dose their skin with aloe vera (straight from the plant) liberally before bed, and I've said that they're going to have to stay inside for a few days to let their sunburn heal. One upside of the sun, however, is this picture I took at mid-day today:

My 4 year old was outside playing in the wading pool, and calls me to tell me that there is something weird in the sky and that I have to come see! I come out, look up, and see an amazing sun halo! The edge of our roof just blocked out the sun, so while it was bright to look at, I still could look at it. I haven't seen very many sun halos in my life (though moon halos abound), and I had to explain to my daughter what it was because she had never seen one. I also had to take a picture, it was so neat! Though according to Wikipedia, halos often signal incoming rain; boo.

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