Monday, April 29, 2013

On Suit Shopping

My husband has needed a new suit for over a year. We finally got a chance to go shopping for one this past weekend. I am amazed at the choices available for suits! There are one, two and three button jackets, as well as double breasted. The fabric choices are astounding too! Six different kinds of brown, at least 10 grey, 20 blue and tons of blacks, all slightly different. (And that was just at one store!)

We went shopping at the newly renovated Bay store in downtown Vancouver, and also at a store close to it called Quorum. My husband must have tried on at least 30 suit jackets between the two stores. The best suit we found was at Quorum, but was also (unfortunately) out of our price range. We finally decided on a suit from The Bay, but now we have to find a tailor to make it fit just right. And fitting just right is why I like to sew clothes for myself - though I would never attempt to alter my husband's suit because I don't know how to go about it!

Also, why do men always look more handsome when they're dressed up?

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